Accento had a great start in 2019 with a cool location, the best attendees and partners, a great atmosphere, and an international and (if we may say so ourselves) impressive speaker line-up. Then COVID struck and while we loved organizing two online conferences in 2020 and 2021, we begrudgingly realized that they didn't stand out against the cool things some larger conferences can pull off. So we decided to focus on what can turn Accento into a gem in the German and international Java community: a small but high-caliber in-person event. We didn't trust COVID, though, so we took a pause in 2022.

Which brings us to 2023. Four years after the first in-person Accento, we hoped to have built so much on the great start in 2019. Instead, in many respects, we're back to where we started. No point fighting it, though, so we embrace the challenge and will reboot Accento in October 2023 right where it started and with a very similar setup. And four years later, we can't wait to see you in person!